Yinyoga I Workshop I Biff Mithoefer




A Yin Yoga Journey with Biff Mithoefer
Live music by Prema and Marta Mezzino

The heart of Yin Yoga is the practice of acceptance. In the Taoist tradition, Our Yin nature is that part of ourselves which embraces the truth of who we are. As we face the challenges that come with our human experience we can choose to be present with what is, or we can suffer, wishing things were different. With acceptance, the heart opens even in our most difficult times, in our struggle to remove ourselves from what is, the heart closes.

In this class, Biff will speak of the Path of Acceptance followed by a gentle Yin Practice with silence and poetry.

Biff Mithoefer teaches Yin Yoga Teacher trainings and worshops at Nosara Yoga Institute, Omega Institute, Yogaville, and Internationally. He is a 500-E Yoga Alliance registered teacher and has studied shamanism with teachers of the Shapibo tradition of Eastern Peru, and is a student of cross-cultural shamanism, as taught by Angeles Arrien. Biff is the author of The Yin Yoga Kit and co-author of The Therapeutic Yoga Kit.

Datum: 23 maj – fullbokat
Tid: 15.00-17.30
Pris: 500 kr
Anmälan: info@yogakungsholmen.se

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